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Managing Investments

The Foundation seeks investments to provide growth of capital and/or current income while meeting the social principles of the United Methodist Church. The Foundation is responsible for investing approximately $20 million in assets on behalf of United Methodist churches, agencies and institutions of the Rocky Mountain Conference.

The Foundation maintains four Investment Funds each with difference investment objectives; for United Methodist churches, agencies and institutions to consider. Entities can participate in one or more investment Funds to achieve an investment strategy to fit its unique circumstances.

The Investment Opportunity Booklet provides full disclosure on policy, performance, portfolio and procedures on the Balanced, Fixed Income, Equity Growth and Short Term Cash Funds. The Foundation's Investment Committee uses professional investment managers and monitors their performance closely.   Learn more about our investment manager, Wespath.

  • The Balanced Fund is a "fund of funds" and holds a pre-specified allocation of domestic and international stocks, bonds, comodities and cash.

  • The Fixed Income Fund invests primarily in government and corporate bonds, selected in accordance with the Foundation investment policy and the social criteria of the United Methodist Church.

  • The Equity Growth Fund maintains an actively managed portfolio of mid-cap to large-cap stocks selected with a concern for the social principles of the denomination.

  • The Short Term Cash Fund invests in U.S. Government agencies through a repurchase agreement at a local bank and short term certificates with another UM agency.

The following Investment option is offered by an offering circular. It is large so if you don't have high speed internet, call or email the Foundation office for the MHM Fund Offering Circular.

  • The Methodists Helping Methodists Fund invests in capital improvement loans to United Methodist Churches of the Rocky Mountain and Yellowstone Annual Conferences.


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