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Investment Fund Summary:
September 30, 2011: Here is a summary of the Foundation's funds and how they have been affected by the markets this month; a full report with comparisons to benchmarks will be available October 10th on the Foundation's website: www.rm-umf.org.

"Our long-term view is an important aspect of our investing strategy. We avoid making hasty investment decisions in response to short-term market volatility. No one—not even the most skilled financial experts—can accurately predict the short-term direction of the U.S. and world stock markets. And past performance is no guarantee of future performance. History has proven—from 2000 to 2003 and again from 2008- 2009 —that adhering to a disciplined strategy is the best policy—it works."

– David Zellner, Chief Investment Officer of Wespath* and the General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits of the United Methodist Church.
click here for the full article

A Very Bumpy Road: Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation comments on the markets
August 11, 2011: Given recent performance in the stock market, it is understandable that the Foundation’s investors may be concerned about the stability of their funds, particularly since many of the investments for churches are in the stock market.

“The important thing to remember about these past few days is that you should maintain perspective. Panic is not a strategy. Remember that the S&P 500 had still risen 77% off its bottom in March 2009 through Thursday. We did not see a BLACK MONDAY”...click here for the full article

2010 Annual Report is now available

• 8.2% increase in total deposits
• $16.3 million invested in the socially responsible investment funds
• $4.3 million invested in the Methodists Helping Methodists Fund
• $498,000 new loans to churches for capital projects
• Changed investment manager to Wespath, a division of the
General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits of the United
Methodist Church
• Created a new Balanced Fund investment option
• Provided free planned giving and endowment programs to
• Elected six new members to the Board of Directors
• Bid farewell to the retiring Executive Director, Marilyn Bierbach
• Hired a new Executive Director, Kristi Kinnison

Click Here to read the full report

Foundation Savings Rates Among Highest in the Country; only $500 to invest:  The Rocky Mountain United Methodist Foundation continues to pay interest rates higher than national, local and state banks and credit unions. And now the Foundation has lowered the minimum investment required for this powerful Methodists Helping Methodists Fund. Starting at $500 for Demand Accounts and $1000 for Term Certificates Click here for more information

Study: Church Giving Begins to Rebound:  The 3rd annual “State of the Plate” constituency survey of more than 1,500 congregations showed that 43 percent of churches saw giving increase this past year (up from 36 percent last year).
Click here for the full survey.

IRA Charitable Rollover continues for 2010 and 2011. If you own an IRA and are over age 70½, you may transfer any amount up to $100,000 directly from your IRA to your United Methodist Church because it is a qualified charity. If you have not yet taken your 2010 Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) you might do a charitable IRA rollover gift that may reduce your income taxes on the IRA RMD. ..click here for more information.

New Executive Director hired - Click here for October 13, 2010 Press Release




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